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is to miss rogers. i think what i heard i state there were a number of departments including this body, the planning commission and hpc, to whom you wrote reports. it might be -- i want to suggest that perhaps a different way of handling this amendment, that we have at issue is to prefer to the planning commission to broaden it a little bit. i want to leave that to you and the legislative sponsor and supervisor wiener as you work this through. something broader than what was propose, but doesn't create undue burden on your department in creating reports. >> thank you for that board president chiu, i appreciate that offer and i appreciate the extra week this body is giving us to work with the legislative sponsor and supervisor wiener on the best public policy response. with that, i think supervisor olague has made a notion continue this item to the 23rd of october.
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seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues any objection to the motion to continue? without objection this item will be continued for one week. [ gavel ] >> madame clerk, item 28. >> item 28 is abordinance amending the business and tax regulation code how members of citizens advisory committee for the central market street and tender loin area shol be appointed. >> supervisor kim. >> is a simple amendment to the legislationings that created the tax exclusion citizen advisory committee. in the original legislation, we had only established staggered terms for six of the 11 members and this legislation simply assigns all eleven members to staggered two and four-year terms. i appreciate your support. thank you. >> colleagues roll call on this item. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> elsbernd aye. >> supervisor farrell aye. >> supervisor kim?
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>> kim aye. >> supervisor mar, marr aye. >> supervisor olague. >> olague aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> supervisor campos? >> campos aye. >> president chiu. >> chue aye. >> supervisor chu. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen, aye, >> there are eleven ayes. >> item 29 a motion appointing annemarie fortier, susana russo and sharie o'neill, >> same house, same call. >> motion approved item 30. >> motion appointing paul giussi to the graffiti advisory board. >> same house, same call, item approved. >>
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>> item 31 is approved. >> item 32 is a motion appointing bruce oka term ending april 27th 2013 to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> colleagues same house same call. this motion is approved. item 33. >> item 33 is a motion apointing supervisor eric mar term ending november 28,2013 to the california state association of counties board of directors. >> colleagues do we have a motion to , second and without objection, roll call vote. >> on all right 33, supervisor elsbernd? >> aye. >> elsbernd aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> aye. >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> kim aye. >> supervisor olague? >> olague aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> president chiu? >> chiu aye. >> supervisor chu? >> chu aye. >> supervisor [kho*-erpb/]? >> cohen aye. >> there are ten eyes.
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motion approved. why don't we go to our 3:30 special order and i understand supervisor olague has a special commendation. >> in working with a lot of the tenants in the public housing and coop, some of the federally and publicly funded housing, i have found that the many times that the people who really hold things up there for the community are the women. so whether that is miss holings at plaza east or adrian or miss jones in west side court, so i wanted to honor and recognize all of the work that miss jones was committed to when she was a resident at west side courts where she was, i believe for over 15 years. so it's my
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pleasure to give commendation to elizabeth jones the former president of the tenants association since 2007. miss jones is a great advocate for residents and the west side courts development. she served on tenants association executive board for the past five years. in that time she formed a partnership with booker t. washington community center, and momagic to open a computer lab and afterschool program. in 2010 she saw a need for summer activities for the children and started a camp with her own resources and has improved the community. in fact, last year she was recognized by the national
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alliance of resident services in affordable and assisted house for her work on supporting children and youth in public housing. miss jones was also involved in the pre-development and planning process for the redevelopment of west side courts. her input was critical, and even has helped us as we move forward with the anti-displacement right to return legislation that was heard at land use committee yesterday. miss jones really has helped the community greatly and has introduced the residents to a variety of groups community grows to kaiser in order to need health and wellness and building community. she has accomplished great things in her own life, raising five children and graduating from the hope sf academy and
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attained certification in culinary arts. i'm very pleased to honor her today. thank you, miss jones for all of your hard work. [ applause ] >> i just want to say thank you so much. i really appreciate this. it's a heartfelt moment, and i would like to cry, but i'm going to miss being at west side because i really enjoyed the work there with the kids. the youth program was really, really amazing and i'm really going to miss them. and i'm so happy to have played a part there and i plan to
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return there. thank you for acknowledging me. [ applause ] madame clerk, why don't we go to roll call. >> supervisor avalos, we'll call for roll call for introductions. >> thank you, madame clerk. today the transportation authority we had discussion
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about shuttle buses and in the city we're see ang increase of the use of shuttle buses both within san francisco and those that commute to outside of san francisco. the shuttle buses clearly provide a real benefit around decreasing the amount of trips that are taken by automobiles. often people who choose to go on shuttles, if they didn't have a shuttle as an option would be in a car driving by themselves. so we know there is really great benefits to the shuttle system. we know we're seeing a proliferation of them and we don't quite have a handle in the city how to manage our shuttle -- the private shuttle fleets in the city, especially as they relate to public space that we have around muni stops. so rather than not look at how we can prevent the wild west of the shuttles to become what is happening in san francisco, it's best that we look at how we can manage that. today i am requesting the city
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attorney to help us draft a permit process to regulate shuttles in san francisco and colleagues, i would be very interested in having input from your offices to help manage that legislation. and that is something that we'll probably look at the in next couple of months to move forward. there is also something that was brought to my attention over the past few weeks. i have been kind of scratching my head, walking inside the city hall trying to figure out what is going on at civic center plaza. right now there is a national soft drink company that is sponsoring extreme sports across the civic center plaza. i think rec and park has been standing by and making sure we're doing thing s around recreation that battles childhood obesity, but now we have a national soft drink company sponsoring extreme sports.
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we do provide space for a lot of events in san francisco, but what is troubling about this event at civic center plaza, we have shut down civic center plaza inordinate amount of time. currently with the construction that is going on, we have another few weeks that this plaza is shut down for public access. he don't think that is what we expect out of our rec and park department and i am concerned about the reports about the construction that is going on there. i have heards that we're not living up to our standards for prevailing wage in san francisco. are we sponsoring events to entitis that are charging less for work in san francisco than companis in san
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francisco would traditionally do? i wonder about that. so i have a couple of inquiries about the connection between our rec and park department and promoting a soft drink company in san francisco. also making sure that we can look at how when we do have projects that go up like america's cup project or projects that are happening at civic center plaza, where there are temporary structures put up that we're abiding by your wage laws in san francisco. those are the great concerns that have i for this event. i am asking for letters of inquire to go to the office of economic and workforce development, and office of labors standards and enforcement to make sure what is happening on our labor processes at these events.
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>> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor mar? >> thank you, madame clerk. i think as we know it's domestic violence month. it's october every year. today i'm introducing two efforts to help end domestic violence in san francisco. the resolution i'm introducing today supports the department on the status of women to work with other city departments and private entities to raise awareness and to connect our public employees to domestic violence services. and work with the department of children, youth and family or dcys to share information about relationship abuse or dating abuse to providers. i'm pleased to have the support of the director of the department on the status of women and supervisor malia cohen as well on that piece. also, i'm submitting a request to the budget and legislative analyst's office to study and
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analyze best practices for a workplace domestic violence policy for our city. other cities including los angeles and seattle have developed strong and effective policis and i'm supporting the department and the domestic violence consortium and groups to establish such a policy in san francisco to make us a leader in combating domestic violence in our communities. also today i stood with a number of my colleagues on the board, supervisor campos, kim, and supervisor olague, who has helped me and a grassroots coalition of senior and disability advocates. it's been a several-year effort from the grassroots organizations and leaders in many of our collaboratives as well.
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as background in 2011, i convened with supervisor olague and others and seniors and disability action. because this is a sector of our community that is growing and will face increasing challenges as they age in place. san francisco's official policy is to support seniors to age in place. however, san francisco has no comprehensive strategy for serving those by choice or circumstance live in residential hotels. a form of housing while relatively affordable and close to transit presents its own challenges to tenants. a report from june of 2011 outlined the issues
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confronting seniors and people with disabilities, who live in the sros. it also presented a concrete set of recommendations and action items that we're hopefully working on. this is the first of a number of pieces of legislation coming out of that grassroots report. it also presented a set of -- or the concrete recommendations to mitigate these are part of the legislation and i along with the co-sponsors committed to the grassroots and others to >> implement these. the legislation is only the first step and will implement two of the key recommendations of the report, mandating that residential hotels provide working phone jacks and requiring that they install grab bars in all shared
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bathrooms to prevent flipping and different accidents that occur in many of the bathrooms in the sros. the cost of these requirements is relatively low to the benefits that all sro residents will reap from having these modest, commonsense and critically needed quality of life and safety upgrades plead to their buildings. the risk of a senior suffering broken bones or a broken rib for example from a slipped in the shower or a disabled person not able to communicate with service provideersrs. i would like to thank supervisor olague for her leadership and also supervisors kim, campos, avalos and board
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president chiu for their co-sponsorship and thanks to the groups and collaboratives. and thank to chief housing director for providing technical assistance to my staff. nick has done a lot of work on this from my staff, but to carla johnson and the mayor's office on disability for their commitment to improving this legislation. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. president chiu? >> thank you,. colleagues today i'm going to be introducing an ordinance along with mayor lee to help improve our san francisco open data polices. in 2010 our board of supervisors passed by legislation to require all departments to work with one centralized body. to create a chief information officer position, as well as to move forward.
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then mayor newsom's legislation. from many of our perspectives much more needs to be done. the value of open data is to help city departments release data to the public and to the smartest minds in our area on datasets that can help us improve city government. at the thyme we have about 200 city-maintained datasets, but often times this data sets show our city departments in their best light. from my perspective we need datasets to improve upon imperfect situations to show where we can improve and where we can take risks and where we can be more entrepreneurial and hopefully leads to more effective government . so that end the legislation we're introduction today creates a chief data officer who is responsible for maintaining our city's focus on our open data policy. secondly, it requires city departments to designate data
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coordinators to work in conjunction with the officers. so again, every city department can be involved in moving forward an open data culture within san francisco. thirdly we need consistent standards in how data is presented both internally and externally. i look forward to moving forward these data policies that improve our city. i have a related legislation drafting request. yesterday when mayor lee and i along with our rec and park department announced the ladies and gentlemen of launch of an application to provide information about you are city's park and where san franciscans can find a park nearby. , et cetera and it's our hope
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of the rec and park department to use technology to take more advantage of making our parks more accessible. at this time this application does not allow residents to take advantage of the many attractions that we in our city. and we actually need to amend our park code to allow for such online activitis and transactions. and so today i'm requesting that our city attorney work with my office and the rec and park department to draft legislation to enable the city to move forward with technology to increase accessibility to our parks and our services throughout the city:the rest of my items i will submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor wiener? >> thank you, madame clerk. today i am introducing legislation to reform and improve san francisco's process around ceqa appeals.
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ceqa of course is the critical state law that helps protect our environment and that requires that we perform analyses on projects to make sure that we understand what the environmental impacts are. for 40 years this has been at the core of our land use in california. i think there has also been an increasing recognition in recent years that ceqa serves many important purposes, but at times it goes beyond its intended purpose and has become a tool to obstruct, delay and at times significantly increase the costs of projects, including very, very important public projects. it happened here with the north beach library and bike plan and other projects. there has been dialogue in sacramento and throughout the
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state about the need to reform ceqa, so it fulfills its purpose without going beyond that purpose and in san francisco the process that we have in our administrative code for ceqa appeals adds to the concerns. i described this at a hearing at booker t. washington as the wild west in san francisco. because we provide very, very loose timelines, in terms of when people can file a ceqa appeal at the board of supervisors, people sometimes file appeals months or years after the department -- the planning department issues a ceqa determination. this legislation will among other things tighten that timeline, so that people will be required to file ceqa appeal within a certain number of days after the initial approval in the project, not the last approval in the project. everyone will still have their
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full right to ceqa appeal and to pring an appeal to the board of supervisors as required by state law, but they will be required to do that earlier in the process. so that we can determine the ceqa issue and move forward or not move forward with the project. it will require significantly more robust notice to the public about ceqa determinations by the planning department, so that people know that a ceqa determination has occurred and they can decide whether they want to challenge it. the legislation will also provide the board of supervisors with the flexibility, if we choose, to amend our rules to determine where public comment has tab to be taken in connection with the ceqa hearing. whether we decide to delegate some responsibilities to a committee. this legislation of course witness won't change our
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polices, but provides the board with flextibility. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener, supervisor cohen? >> good afternoon, everyone. i have two pieces today. today i am introducing legislation that facilitates a significant investment that the puc is making inside district 10 and consolidates a number of department operations to better use rate-payers dollars and this legislation would enable the puc to purchase nearly five acres of property at 3rd and evans to consolidate their wastewater enterprise needs. this is extremely important given the significant amount of work that the puc will be doing and undertaking to rebuild the southeast wastewater treatment plant. the purchase of the site represents the consolidation of
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34 collection system division staff provides improved storage for equipment, vehicles and materials and is substantially cheaper than other alternatives and wisely invests in the puc rate-payer funds. also i'm hopeful this consolidation will also continue to stimulate 3rd street merchant corridor. additionally i have an inmemoriam for eunice holmses, a community member. she moved to california in 1967 and gave birth to two children and made san francisco her home. she was a beautiful person inside and out and will be sorely missed. thank you, the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor cohen.
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>> supervisor chu. >> i am requesting a hearing request to better understand the use and management of city property. the hearing would include information from the real estate department and potentially from other departments like the part, the mta and other departments given some of the large transactions that may be occurring for the city. it would just be good for us to understand where the city's larger picture is going with real estate overall. secondly i also want to adjourn today's meeting in memory of bernard kern, he was nearly 92 years old when he passed way october 9th, 2012. he was a veteran and served in the army in world war ii and lived in san francisco. he had spent of the last several years at laguna honda [ho-rpbts/] where his many colorful stories will be missed by the staff and volunteers who he entertained.
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thank you. >> mr. president seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes roll call for introduction. >> supervisor farrell, pardon me. >> colleagues i have one hearing request, following up on mayor lee's comments from president chiu i'm introducing hearing requests regardsing our over $4 billion health care liability on the books in san francisco. in 2004 the government accounts board issued statement 45 requiring government employers to measure and report liabilities associated with post retirement benefits exclusing pensions. the lion's share of that number is health care costs of of our controler's office completed the first required report in 2010 based off of 2008 numbers and estimate our liability at $4.36 billion. in just a few weeks the controller's office is going to release an updated report based
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on 2010 numbers. in advance of this release i'm calling for a hearing of the government oversight committee to look at the updated numbers in greater detail. the problem isn't so much a balance sheet issue, but the fact that the health care costs are going to rise from approximately $150 million to approximately $500 million over annual budget in 20 years. this 300% increase is the largest facing our city government and i think they have to tackle it now. i met with the controller ease 's office and other city departments and in particular i want to thank ben rosenfield or controller. in preparation for this hearing and this report will be

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